*Delivery time is estimated from the time all required order information is received. Incorrect, missing, or delayed information may cause delivery to be delayed as well.

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Frequently asked questions

Why do orders take so long?

We make every effort to deliver your logo in a timely fashion. Delivery times are based on the time it takes us to come up with the initial design concepts, the order size, as well as the amount of orders we have in queue.

We also account for the time it takes to make the requested revisions and communicate with you.

How does the fulfillment process work?

Simply purchase the package above that fits your needs. Once your order is received, within the Purchase Receipt you receive will be a short questionnaire with questions listed relating to the project. This will include providing us with links to example logos you like, your artist name and some brief brand identity questions. Once you have responded to these questions, we will get started on the order!

When your order is finished, we will email you a link to download your logo package in .zip format from Dropbox. All source files will be included for maximum usability.

What are the differences between typography, symbol, illustrative and 3D logos?

We like to keep things simple here:

Typography based logos (sometimes referred to as “logotypes”) are logos based around your artist/brand name, usually with a custom font that is tweaked to make it unique to your brand (the Google logo is a good example). This can also include custom colors and occasionally a unique design flare to make it stand out.

Symbol based logos (usually referred to as “brand marks”) are unique symbols that are associated with your logo, such as the Apple logo.

Illustrative logos are more complex illustrations, such as the Starbucks logo (which is also technically a brand mark), but a more detailed design for a mascot or similar.

3D logos are exactly that – 3D!.

Will I be able to send you examples of logos I like?

Yes, of course! We will work closely with you to get your logo looking the exact way you want and are happy to receive references for inspiration.

If you are not sure what you want, we are happy to take the reins and design it as we would ourselves — making it both sleek, modern and timeless.

Can I pick the colors used within the design?

The answer to this is both yes and no. We design all logo concepts in monochrome (black and white) so they will work well on all forms of media (print, screen, etc.). We believe all logos should “stand out” and be identifiable from a distance (such as on a club flyer).

With that said, if you want a specific color scheme for your social media graphics we are happy to deliver that!

Do you have a portfolio or examples of existing logos you have designed?

You can view our portfolio under the pricing table above, which features some of our latest logo designs for DJs, producers and record labels.

Do you only accept orders for artists, DJs and producer logos?

No, we are happy to design logos for venues (clubs, festivals, etc.), event promoter, record and soundware labels.

What source files are included with my purchase?

All Adobe Illustrator vector and Adobe Photoshop files will be included, as will transparent PNG and any PSD files used to create the covers for your social media graphics. Everything will be ready to upload and use straight away!

What are social media ready avatars?

Social media avatars are the images used as your main “profile” image on popular social networks.

We will export your logo to the correct dimensions for usage on your Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and Instagram.

Can you design a logo animation for my YouTube channel?

Yes, this is included with both the Platinum and Diamond packages. We will make a unique logo “sting” that you can use on your YouTube or Instagram account.

Your logo “sting” will be delivered in full HD (1080p) and 60fps and included as part the .zip file you download.

Will I own the full rights to logo once the order is completed?

Yes you will. You will own the full copyright to the logo and graphics delivered to you.

Can you design cover art?

Yes. Please contact us here for more information.

Do you offer revisions?

Yes. All packages above come with at least 3 revisions, with our Platinum and Diamond packages including 5 revisions or more.

Can I get a refund?

We aim for complete customer satisfaction, but if you are unhappy with our service for whatever reason we are happy to refund your order.

I run a record label and would like logos created for all our artists, are volume discount plans available?

Yes. Please contact us here for more information.

I have another question that is not answered here.

Contact us here and we will get back to you shortly!