We like to keep things simple: One license, unlimited usage. Every time you purchase a template on Graphic Foundry, it comes with a license to use that template in an unlimited number of projects, for an unlimited number of clients or projects, forever. It couldn’t be easier.

Multiple Projects

Our license allows for usage in an unlimited number of video projects, even if they are for different clients or companies. Advertisements, film, television, corporate – you’re clear to use our templates in any video project. You just can’t resell or distribute the template files!

Worldwide Usage

Do you have a video project that needs to be distributed in different countries or continents? No problem! Once you purchase a license you can distribute the final video anywhere, online or off.

Valid for Perpetuity

There’s not many things that last forever, but our licenses do. Once you purchase a Graphic Foundry license you can use the product for perpetuity – we’ll never charge additional fees for usage.

Mass Duplication

You’re covered with our license if you’re creating 1 copy of your video project or 1,000. As the name implies, the Unlimited License covers unlimited duplication. It makes no difference to us if the end users are charged for the final video project or not!

Want license specifics? Check out the full license text here.