* Restricted to 25 downloads per month to avoid abuse.

Frequently asked questions

Is my All Access Pass a subscription?

No. All Access Passes are one-time payment only, with no recurring payments.

Are All Access Passes refundable?

No. All access passes are not refundable. Refunds will only be considered if no files are downloaded after purchase.

What products are included in an All Access Pass?

All Access Passes include all products on Graphic Foundry.

What is a “download”?

A download is a single template, such as Vexed.

Does my All Access Pass include future product releases?


Does the unlimited license apply to the All Access Passes?

Yes. All products on Graphic Foundry include our unlimited license, which means you can render as many videos as you want, for personal or commercial use. However, we will not allow any misuse, such as providing fulfillment or other services with our templates on Fiverr or similar platforms.

Does my All Access Pass ever expire?

Silver and Gold passes never expire. Platinum passes are good for one calendar year.

Are there any limitations on Platinum passes?

To protect against abuse, we limit Platinum passes to 25 downloads per month. In certain circumstances this limitation can be waived. Contact us to find out if this applies to you.

Are template updates included?

Yes. Template updates are always free and do not count toward your download usage.

How often do you add new templates?

We aim to add a few new templates each month, if not more.

Can my download credits be used for fulfillment services?

No. Fulfillment is a separate service, and not currently offered. However, when fulfillment becomes available, we will offer special fulfillment packages.

Do you offer support if I need help?

Yes. We offer fast and friendly support to all customers. Platinum pass holders get priority support, typically within 24 hours.