Graphic Foundry was created to give you the quality visual content you need to showcase your music beautifully – and amplify your promotion.

In 2016, David felt there was a lack of high-quality and stylish options available for labels and independent artists to professionally present their music on increasingly important visual platforms like YouTube and Instagram, and he wanted to make something that would enable people to take control of their own promotion, while creating something beautiful and memorable in the process.

It wasn’t long before he came across Trirat, who was publishing eclectic DJ mixes with innovative visuals to YouTube under the pseudonym f1rstpers0n. Trirat’s elegant custom motion graphics were exactly what David was looking for, and a special partnership was born.

Over the next two years, David and Trirat worked tirelessly to create over 100 unique and expertly-designed After Effects templates boasting an unprecedented number of designer color presets, graphic configuration presets, and easy-to-use settings. With David’s pioneering vision and technical expertise, and Trirat’s overflowing creativity and tasteful artistry, Graphic Foundry was officially born – 100% bootstrapped and custom-designed.

Our visualizers offer:

  • Modern, cutting-edge design
  • Premium quality
  • Easy custom branding
  • Advanced customization
  • Designer color presets
  • Unique graphic configuration presets
  • Easy-to-use cover art toggles and track info presets
  • YouTube, Vimeo, and Instagram export setting presets
  • Suitable for single tracks or mixes up to two hours in length

Our Team

About David Sherlock

David Sherlock

David is a passionate sound designer and maker from central Scotland, and the founder of Graphic Foundry. He owns the popular soundware websites Freshly Squeezed Samples, Sample Foundry, and Producer Space, and is one of the best kept secrets of the dance music industry, with thousands of songs featuring his epic, emotional chords, memorable melodies, and premium samples and sound presets. David is also a programmer and trailblazing WordPress plugin developer, launching Sell Comet in 2017.

Beyond music and code, David’s interests include evolutionary psychology, films, dark humor, cats, and classical art memes.

About Trirat Homchantra

Trirat Homchantra

Trirat is a prolific DJ, artist, and graphic designer from Bangkok, Thailand, and the lead designer at Graphic Foundry. He is best known for his popular YouTube channel f1rstpers0n, where he publishes eclectic DJ mixes with his own custom-made visualizers that were the original source of inspiration for the development of Graphic Foundry.

In his spare time he enjoys electronics, aesthetics, meme posting, and cute things.

About Mandy Jones

Mandy Jones

Mandy is a professional music maker and all-around creative chick from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. She is the owner of boutique soundware label Looplicious, as well as the co-founder of Producer Space. As a part of the Graphic Foundry team, she helps with everything from product descriptions and copywriting, to social media and content management.

Outside of music and creative work, she’s an avid traveler, animal lover, yoga enthusiast, and lifelong learner.